PP5: Editing for Audience

A seance of witches surrounding a pentagram with a red female ghost floating behind them

Svincova, K. (2019). Drawlloween Seance[Online image]. DeviantArt. https://www.deviantart.com/irenhorrors/art/Drawlloween-Seance-769413412

After re-reading a few of my blogs, I started to think about how others might view my website. I decided to begin an editorial process in that makes the website more accessible to not only other viewers but also to those with accessibility issues who may or may not understand the contents of my website. I am planning to create a new layout for my website that is more simplified and easier to navigate through. I plan to also integrate accessibility into the images I added to my blog posts on the website (since this function would be for those who are not able-bodied), such as alt-text images.

In terms of writing for my audience, I plan to continue writing through the character’s voice that I created (Little Horrors). The character Little Horrors is ten times more extravagant and extroverted than the real me, which is why I am choosing to hide my identity. Remaining anonymous will allow me to keep things interesting for my audience, and will add to the overall ambiance that I created in my website through the themes of horror and fiction. Luckily, there is a lot of entertainment content related to the two genres I have selected as my main themes, and I have no problems in picking what to write about.

Horror and Fiction fans are fewer in numbers compared to other genres of entertainment content, in comparison to action and thriller. However, the audience I have chosen is made up of strong fan bases and is much more open-minded in terms of content review, since I am a part of some fandoms of horror films and characters. In terms of appealing to my audience, I just have to continue reviewing horror and fiction-related content in the voice of Little Horrors.

However, I am struggling a bit in making my website more visually pleasing. The current layout I chose isn’t the best, but will do it for now. Another problem that I thought could potentially happen was related to making content more interesting. I forgot that some viewers may have not seen the things that I am reviewing and I do not want to spoil any content my viewers would want to potentially check out.

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