PP8: Re-thinking My Content

Sketch of a monster with fangs opening its mouth created by Jeedo0046

(2020). Leaper [Online image]. DeviantArt. https://www.deviantart.com/jeedo0046/art/Leaper-855790600

I started debating about the type of content I write on my blog after writing my second peer review. I know my blog focuses on reviewing all entertainment content that is situated in the genres of horror and fiction. However, I have been thinking of broadening my blog content in terms of visuals. After creating some pictures and videos for school-related content, I wanted to try and integrate content that I plan to create. For example, I found vlogging my friend’s haunted house to be very fun and different for the Little Horrors blog.

Creating different content from blogs would allow for me to broaden and develop my own personal creativity for the Little Horrors website. I thought about changing my character design as well since the character I chose to represent me as Little Horrors (the pixelated pink-haired witch) is not an original design since I cited it on the About Me page. I would either design a new character myself or hire my friend that’s a graphics coordinator to design a whole new character for me, which will include a witch costume and pink hair of course.

In terms of written blog content, I think I will continue to write about the entertainment I write for now. However, one of my personal fears of viewers coming across. my website is that they will also critique about the content I write about. I noticed that the entertainment I write about (T.V. shows, films, etc.) isn’t exactly focused on the genre of horror, but still fits the criteria of the genre (stuff that is still scary and fiction for some people). I choose not to write about entertainment that is too Gorey, such as bloody, violence, etc., since I do not agree with how a lot of horror entertainment is written since I believe that writing about those things can perpetuate violence among viewers or influence them to do bad things, which is another reason why I don’t promote stuff like that unless it’s a classic horror film or well written film.

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