PP10: Transmedia Integration

Black and white photo of a monster with glowing eyes in the dark standing Infront of a video camera frame

(2018). IMG_0156 [Online image]. DeviantArt. https://www.deviantart.com/concept-cube/art/IMG-0156-766757434

At the beginning of the course, I thought about creating multiple social media channels to help promote the Little Horrors website. However, I decided to limit the amount of social media channels for Little Horrors due to maintenance. Recently, the Instagram account I created for Little Horrors got banned somehow (I am unsure if it was due to inactive user activity but apparently I didn’t follow user guidelines). I decided to limit the other social media channels to Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

I chose Instagram because I feel the most safest using the application since I like staying anonymous. I plan to post photos of photography, cute figurines, and other things related to  that are horror entertainment-related. Posting on my Instagram with photos I have taken of myself will allow my viewers to get to know me better and to see what I do in real time instead of just trying to figure out my personality through written blogs. My blog is an extension of me, but not the entirety of me in this case.

Twitter or “X” was chosen as another channel since it will allow viewers to understand my thought processes in real time as well. Currently, I don’t have any posts right now since I am a new user and I have never used Twitter actively in any point of my life (ever). I plan to make commentary on not only horror or fiction entertainment, but will plan to make commentary on current news, trending topics, and media overall. This will give viewers a glimpse of my personal stance as a content creator. For example, I could write a post about the unfair wage gaps that animators and voice actors receive since it effects the content I write about.

Finally, I chose YouTube as my last social media channel that is being integrated into my blog. My goal for YouTube is to create more vlogs about my life. However, I plan on still staying anonymous and will only plan to use my voice and not show my face. I also want to create commentary videos as well. I always wanted to try making commentary YouTube videos about horror films and games. This channel will allow to me to showcase my reviews and creativity in depth, once I begin posting videos online.

These channels will allow the Little Horrors audience to explore more content and will create more interactions for the Little Horrors website overall.

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