Peer Review 1

My review on the website “Life on Exchange” by Liv Kjær Madsen.

The website called “Life on Exchange” is one of the nicest, heartfelt, and warm feeling websites I have ever come across. Liv Kjær Madsen shares her life on exchange, and it can be seen throughout the website. This can be reflected in her blog posts when she shares her adventures during the week along with the various scenery of British Columbia that was captured in photos.

The visuals of her website are very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and coordinates with what she talks about her in her blogs. The use of the colour blue in her font ties with the photos and background of the website as well. Choosing these colours as her base themes for fonts correlates with her website because it creates an aesthetically pleasing base and entices the viewer to read her blog. At the front of the home page, we have nice image of a lake and mountain scenery from her adventures in British Columbia, which fits the theme of the website.

In terms of website structure, it has a very easy to follow format. The menu makes it easier to find content and helps me navigate through the website faster. Liv also included a drop-down menu that matches the menu. The structure of each page, for examples, blog posts and process posts, matched into the theme as well which add to the continuity of the theme in website as well. The pages made the blog posts as the focus when viewing the page, which made them easier to read and focus on.

The website “Life on Exchange” gives us viewers insight of what’s Liv’s life on exchange is like throughout her website. Content is not only shown through photos, but through blog posts as well. Liv would share what she did in one week and had a photo of each activity that she did for specific days, which made the photos great visuals for readers that view her blog posts. So far, her blogs were really nice and fun to read. I would have never thought to look at British Columbia in a positive perspective. She did a great job writing about her adventures and showing us small snippets of the activities, she did, such as going out to eat or going on a hike at popular hiking spots.

In terms of criticism, I would have liked to see previews on the home page. If short summaries on the homepage were included or if the website featured new article/blog posts, it would make the page look more active and help in organizing the page for viewers to get updated with new content, especially because Liv is very active in her weekly blog journeys with her life on exchange. Overall, Liv’s website was very well thought out and I enjoyed viewing her “Life on Exchange”.

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