Peer Review 3

A photo of the content page from the website Sava Strums that is in black and white with a guitar in the background

Link to the website:

The Sava Strums website is very visually pleasing to the eye and uses aesthetics that correlate to the theme of guitars and music, such as the use of an image of a gold background with someone playing the guitar on the home page that looks like it’s from the seventies. Sava Strums also consists of black-and-white photos of guitars, which makes the page aesthetically pleasing. The website is easily navigable, which makes finding content easier. Sava Strums does not have a lot of written content, but the videos on the website make up for any written content. The blog is structured to be more personal since the blog is made up of photos and videos of Sava playing the guitar and singing.  

Sava’s blog content consists of uploaded videos from TikTok and YouTube of him playing guitar covers and singing (sometimes). His audience probably consists of YouTube users, TikTok users, and Instagram users who also like guitars and the same genres of music and artists that Sava plays covers of, such as Travis Scott’s song called “Dr**s you should try it” or Kali Uchis’s song called “Melting”. Sava’s natural talent is the main focus of the blog, which attracts his audience to come back to his page to view more of his videos.

In terms of marketability, Sava has chosen three popular social media applications, making his website potentially profitable and highly marketable. Linking social media accounts directly to his blog allows Sava’s blog to have higher visibility on The Surface Web. The Surface Web consists of things that are capable of being indexed by a search engine, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo (2014). Sava Strum’s visibility on The Surface Web is high due to the multiple accounts of different social media applications that are attached to the website. Having these applications attached also creates a better Search Engine Optimization.  Sam Hollingsworth from Search Engine Journal stated that the goal of a strong SEO is to establish a strong foundation for websites with good visuals that also have an effective experience that is capable of being discovered on a search engine easily (2021). Hollingsworth also stated that using things like natural links and optimized page elements and content can accrue authority (2021), which also aids in building better SEO for websites to gain more users.

Sava Strums’ marketability lies in his content. His audience will be enticed to continue engaging with his content after viewing one video. One recommendation I suggest for this website is to upload more personal videos that look into Sava’s personality, such as a “Get to Know Me” video or videos relating to Sava’s favourite artists. Getting more personal with the Sava Strums audience will aid in increasing the website’s SEO. Overall, I believe that the Sava Strums website has a lot of potential to bring in more viewers and a wider audience.

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