#2 Mini Assignment

A personal horror culture hero: Velma Dinkley

Jinkies! This blog gives me the creeps!

Hello everyone! My name is Velma Dinkley. I’m a member of the group called Mystery Incorporated. We are group that investigates and solves mysteries related to the supernatural. My team and I have travelled the world solving mysteries and unmasking criminals that dress up as monsters to commit crimes behind a mask.

Little Horrors has invited me to write a special guest post for her blog about one of my fondest memories with the gang. One of my favourite memories that comes to mind was performing with the band ‘Hex Girls” after uncovering the mystery of the Legend of the Vampire. The gang and I saved the day by unmasking Yowie Yahoo, which turned out to be a hologram created by the band “Wildwind”, who were competing against the Hex Girls.

Performing with the gang and the band is probably one of the best memories that comes to mind when I think about Mystery Incorporated. Leave a comment down below if you would like for me to share another memory with Mystery Incorporated or if you want more guest posts from the Little Horrors blog!

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