PP11: My Community Guidelines

A fan art photo in black and white of the character Omori

image: (2017). Omori. [Online image]. DeviantArt. https://www.deviantart.com/deviiel/art/Omori-687409058

The Little Horrors guidelines for viewing the website will be followed be these rules, guidelines, and values:

This is a safe space, meaning this blog does not tolerate the following:

  • No toleration of bullying, racism, discrimination, harassment, microaggression, or forms of violence in the comments and interactions with Little Horrors (please keep a mindful space on this blog please)
  • No NSFW content review requests or suggestions
  • Opinions are allowed but will be deleted if individuals are being attacked in the comments
  • Must be 18+ if you are sending in entertainment requests to Little Horrors, otherwise parental guidance is mandatory for sending in requests
  • No Plagiarism (please email me if you refer or use my content)
  • No use of my content without permission
  • Content I upload can be removed if requested by the creators of the content I write about
  • No bots commenting on the blog

These guidelines will be implemented into the About Me section of my website. These are the right guidelines for my website because they are based off of fans of the entertainment that I write about, such as Coraline fans, Horror film fans, Anime fans, etc.  I also took artists and art fans into account while making these guidelines. All the groups I had in mind while making these guidelines have the potential to be opinionated and aggressive (this is based on my personal past with these groups as well). Preventing the creation of a negative space and toxicity is the main reason behind the creation of these guidelines.  Implementing these guidelines will create a safe space for all viewers of the Little Horrors blog.

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