A photo of my friend dressed as Pennywise at the party

Photo: A picture of my friend dressed as Pennywise from the party 🤡

Apologies to any viewers that were anticipating the Halloween blog post. I had A LOT to deal with before, during, and after Halloween, so please forgive me for the late post~

It is my favourite and best time of the year. Halloween has finally come. This year I got to celebrate the Halloween weekend with all my close friends. I hosted a Halloween party with one of my closest friends on the 28th and watched fireworks on the 31st with another friends. 2023 is the most active I have ever been during Halloween.

However, I began to reflect on the past and how I use to celebrate Halloween. During my childhood, I would just trick-or-treat in my neighbourhood  with my siblings or cousins and stay up late watching all Halloween entertainment. We would watch all the Halloween specials on Family Channel, Disney channel, Teletoon, Disney XD, and Cartoon Network. As we grow older, we might find ourselves going out on Halloween to either party, go clubbing, or spend time with friends. However, I wanna give a special shout out to those that stay-in on Halloween night, watching all Halloween specials and movies.

For all the introverts and movie lovers out there; I decided to create a list of movies you can watch on Halloween night to still be in the festive spirit of Halloween, even if you’re just planning to stay in.

Here are Little Horrors Top 10 Recommended Movies to watch on Halloween Night (family friendly-ish):

  1. Coraline
  2. Twitches 1
  3. Twitches 2
  4. Halloween Town 1
  5. Halloween Town 3
  6. Paranorman
  7.  Wendell & Wild
  8. Monster House
  9. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (silent film)
  10. Coco

If you would like to read more movie reviews, leave a comment below on what I should review or write about next!

~Stay little my darlings~

And have a Happy Halloweenie!!!

Disclaimer: The summary I provide of each film review, series review, and entertainment review is written from memory and is not written from any entertainment summary from the film, show, series, or video I review. These summaries and reviews are written from my perspective and memory.

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