PP9: Installing Independent Analytics

A screenshot of a web page showing Independent Analytics on Wordpress

Previously, I had downloaded a Google Kit that had a version of Google analytics. However, the analytics part of the plugin was related to currency economics (and I disabled the production function plugin for my blog. I decided to download a new plugin called “Independent Analytics” instead. I really like this plugin since it’s simple and easy to navigate and use. So far, the graphs and viewer count are easy to understand and view. In the future, this will be extremely useful to have since it will allow me to understand which content is the most popular for my viewers.

As a content creator, having an analytics tool to guide me into creating more content that people will want to see. However, I am still going to draw a line since this blog is an extension of myself. In terms of written content, I am going to continue picking entertainment to write about that aligns with the blog. Even if certain content or blog posts are popular than others, I still want to write reviews on entertainment content that aligns with the Little Horrors website.

 The Independent Analytics plugin will aid me in developing and posting content at the right time. The plugin will help me determine which pages of content are the most popular. For example, one blog post might be more popular than another blog post or movie reviews might be more popular than nostalgia reviews. I also plan to use this tool to begin posting at the right times. My blog posts are always posted at really random hours during the day or at night time. I am very inconsistent with my posts. If Little Horrors viewers are active on y website during certain times of the day, then I will attempt to begin posting consistently are certain hours.

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