YouTube Review: Overnight in the HAUNTED Winchester House (w/ Sam & Colby)

A photo of Garett Watts and Sam and Colby Infront of the Winchester House

Garrett Watts has outdone himself again in this new video for his overnight stay at the haunted Winchester House. I’ve been subscribed to Garrett since 2019 (and after he left Shane Dawson…). Garrett’s horror ghost hunting videos have never failed to entertainment. His personality is extremely funny, quirky, and somewhat charming. I never clicked so fast on a video when I saw this video on my recommendations. The inside joke for this video is that he is always referring to Sam and Colby throughout his videos, and he finally managed to have a collaboration with them which is hilarious but amazing for Garrett.

In this video, Garrett Watts and his beloved bestfriend Andrew Siwicki stay overnight at the Winchester House to search and find proof of paranormal activity. For a collaboration, Garrett seeks out advice from the YouTubers Sam and Colby, due to their previous investigations inside the Winchester House. If you love horror and anything related to it, you might know about the Winchester House, which is one of the most haunted houses in America filled with paranormal activity. It was finally constructed in 1922 by the architect Sarah Winchester.

This was the best video from Garrett I have watched to date. It was extremely hilarious but horrifying at the same time. Garrett and Andrew’s commentary makes it less scary and great for anyone that gets scared of horror easily.


~I give this episode a solid 10 out of 10 witch broom sticks for one of my favourite YouTubers bringing us another terrifiyingly good video~

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