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I have been feeling really nostalgic this month. From this October weather I was reminded of one of my favourite animated childhood shows, Martin Mystery. If you were a kid born between 1995-2005 living in Canada, there was a chance you would know this series. In the past, I watched this show on cable television the channel called YTV (typing this made me feel really ancient).

The series is about the main protagonist, named Martin Mystery, that is a student in daylight, but works for his mother’s secret agency called “The Center”, where they investigate and research about all fictional creatures, monsters, and the supernatural. Martin works alongside his sister, Diana Lombard, a caveman named Java, an alien named Billy, and their M.O.M (Olivia Lombard) that is the manager of The Center. These characters are always showed or mentioned in every episode.

My favourite episode from the series, which also happens to be the most memorable for me, is an episode called “Revenge of The Doppelganger”. This episode happens to be my favourite because it was the episode that traumatized me the most as a child. The animators did a really great job on creating faceless people.

I will link the episode down below for anyone that wants to watch it on YouTube.

In this episode, Martin and the gang are sent to Montreal Canada to investigate how a woman got her face erased. The idea of Doppelgangers and having a lookalike terrified me as a child. I still freak out at the thought of someone looking like me. Throughout the episode Martin and the gang try their best to figure out who and what is causing women’s faces to disappear. From their investigation, it appeared to be the work of someone’s Doppelganger.

I give this episode a solid 10 out of 10 witch broom sticks for nostalgia and for embedding the fear of doppelgangers into my head as a child.

Revenge of The Doppelganger Episode 19 Season 1:

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