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A photo of the character Kat Elliot in-between Wendell and Wild

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Solid 8/10


I have an extreme soft spot for any film that is a stop-motion animation. Wendell & Wylie was a fantastic Halloween film that I watched last year. The art and animation was amazing and a breath of fresh air for me.

The film is about a the protagonist, Kat Elliot that tries to process the death of her parents throughout the film (which was executed very nicely). In the film, she accidentally summons and demons Wendell & Wild, who both cause a lot of trouble for her and the new town she moved into. With the help of a few friends and the two demons, Kat tries to save the town from being over taken by the company Klax Korp.

What really impressed me about the film was the diverse range of characters and their appearance. This was the first ever stop-motion animated film that included so many people of colour that appeared to be main characters or side characters, which I would have never thought to be featured in stop-motion animation. I was even more impressed by the feature of a trans gender character, Raúl Cocolotl. The character being trans was only mentioned in the film in a really subtle way, and he also happens to be my favourite character in the film because he was actually useful.

I also found each character to be somewhat likeable as well, except for the antagonists (Klaxons) for obvious reasons. Aside from characters, I thought that the film was good. It wasn’t too fast or slow, and had good written build-up for various scenes throughout the film. In terms of the plot, it isn’t too great in all honesty and some comedic relief could have been written a bit better. I thought the comedy pieces would have been written better since Jordon Peele was a producer for this film.

Overall, I give this film a solid 8 out of 10 witch broomsticks. I love it for being a newly made and uniquely written stop-motion animation film with beautifully sculpted and diverse range of characters.

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