Film Review: Silent Hill (2006)

Fanart of a monstrous nurse from Silent Hill

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Solid 9/10


During my childhood, a horror film that has stayed with me in the back of my mind was Silent Hill. I accidentally came across it one day on YouTube when I first watched the trailer with an elementary school friend. It was one of the first films to traumatize me as a child. If you like classic horror films, I definitely recommend watching this film for not only the plot, but for the visual effects as well.

Silent Hill is about the story of a mother trying to find a cure to help her daughter as the daughter starts acting strange. She decides to bring her daughter to a town called Silent Hill to find a cure. Suddenly, her daughter goes missing in the town. Strange and paranormal things begin to unravel in Silent Hill and the mother has to find a way to get out while trying to find her daughter.

The plot of the film is very original and I have failed to come across a piece of entertainment that is similar to this film. A feeling of hopelessness and fear can be felt in almost every scene of the film. The visuals of the film are spectacular and help add to the horrifying image Silent Hill conveys.

My favourite character in the film was Alessa. She is an unforgiving character whom I give the most empathy out of all the characters in the film. This character is the antagonist of the film, but is not exactly an antagonist to the main character (I refuse to spoil this more for any viewers who havent watched this film yet).

Trigger Warning: This film may not be suited for audiences under eighteen years old. Please ask a parent before watching if you are underage!

Overall, I give this series a solid 9 out of 10 witch broomsticks. I strongly recommend everyone to watch this series and form their own opinions on the Silent Hill film.

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