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Akuma Kun is an anime series that I recently discovered about back in November. After one episode, I was roped into binge watching the entire series in the span of two days. Shockingly, I really liked the series and thought it would be a great anime series to review. I had really low expectations when I began watching the series. Now, I will never regret my decision for stumbling upon this gem by accident on Netflix.

The series revolves around the character Akuma Kun, that had special powers to see spirits and demons. Akuma Kun runs a business by aiding people with their inquiries or problems relating to the supernatural. Throughout the series, we get to see Akuma Kun evolve as an individual and becomes more humanly in a sense (this will make sense when you watch the series sorry), with the help of a few of his friends. The series has a lot of horror and supernatural aspect, but also dives into the psychological and slice of life genres as well.

The overall pacing of the series is decent. It’s not great due to the amount of information they can put into a series (which is understandable). The beginning was a little slow for my taste. We were only introduced to the backstories of some characters mid-way and near the end of the series to understand each main character’s background. The pacing near the end of the series was a little too fast. In my opinion it needed more build-up.

Surprisingly, I don’t really have a favourite character for the series. Maybe it’s due to the pacing of the series. I just felt like I couldn’t connect with any of the characters on a personal level在ut that could also be a good things since most of the characters are demons.

Overall, I give this series a solid 8 out of 10 witch broomsticks. I strongly recommend everyone to watch the series and form their own opinions on Akuma Kun.

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