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Fan Art Sketches of the protagonist Norman

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Solid 10/10


ParaNorman is the second best film Laika Studios has ever created (second to Coraline of course~). It’s one of my favourite stop motion animations with a very unique art style. Even though this film came out a few years after the film Coraline, people often compare these films to one another. However, I can confidently say that ParaNorman stands out against Coraline by having originality in plot and art style.

ParaNorman is story about a boy named Norman that has a special ability to see the dead (ghosts). Strange things start effecting Norman and everything around him due to the curse of their town. After speaking to a few ghosts Norman, a few of his friends, and his sister, go on a journey to end the curse once and for all.

The plot of the film was a pretty typical coming of age film that is centered around a boy that is trying to get through life with his special ability. However, the plot twist of the film made it the most memorable for me. It was definitely something I didn’t expect especially after watching Coraline. It might be a stretch to say that this film is a great way for kids to learn about discrimination against women, children, and ableism through the lens of a young boy. It explained the concepts of discrimination in a complex but easy way to understand. This obviously varies between all viewers and audiences.

The film’s animation and visuals were really great, especially around the plot twist. The overall pacing of the film was moderate and was executed well. My favourite character from the film would have to be the witch, because she had great character development and a very cool (but very tragic) storyline.

Overall, I give this film a solid 10 out of 10 witch broomsticks. I strongly recommend everyone to watch the film and form their own opinions on the ParaNorman.

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