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Solid 6/10


Recently, I got to watch the film The Nune II which was released this year. In all honesty, I thought that this film was decently written, since I have a soft spot for any film with Catholic or Christianity lore after watching the Da Vinci Code. However, from a film critic perspective, the film could have been written and played out much better.

The plot of the film had good pacing, until the end. In my opinion, I found the plot to be very sped up nearing the end and it could have been written a bit more smoother. However, the actors in the film really carried their roles well. I love watching anything horror-related with Taissa Farmiga in it after watching American Horror Story Coven.

Aside from actors, I thought that the inclusion of Religious Catholic lore on Saints was very interesting. I think it was a good selling point in the movie and really captured my attention while watching the film. The plot overall was a good continuation from the first film and kept the same horror aspects, such as jump scares, thriller moments, and cinematography.

I was kind of surprised that there wasn’t really a lot of jump scares in this film…or just jump scares that weren’t “scary” to me. They obviously had a lot of jump scares of the Nun, but after seeing her so much throughout the film you kind of get over the fact she’s scary until she tries to kill someone. The jump scares were also really predictable this time, since I had a lot of time to cover my eyes when I had a feeling something scary was gonna pop-up.

Overall, I rate this film a solid 6.5 out of 10 witch broomsticks. It is A LOT better than the first movie and had a lot of depth and story building for the characters. However, it’s unfortunate that you kind of have to watch the first movie to understand the second one.

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