PP2: Designing Little Horrors

A collage of horror and fiction entertainment

Designing the Little Horrors website was easier than actually creating the website. Before creating the website, I decided to pick colours that would relate to the theme of horror, which was black, red, purple, and white. This would help me establish what type of theme I was looking for on WordPress’s downloadable themes. I picked the “Moonlight” theme, created by Chitrarchana because it had the colour scheme I was looking for along with a font that matched the theme of horror.

After picking out the theme, I realized how difficult structuring the website was going to be. I wanted viewers to have an easy time navigating the website. To create easy accessibility, I created a menu with the titles “About Me”, “Process Posts”, “Mini Assignments”, and “Blogs”, so viewers can pick what pages they want to access easier. 

Once I uploaded my first process post, I realized the page was looking a bit boring. I decided that with each post I write, I would put in a visual to captivate the audience into reading my articles and posts. The vision board I created above would also help me stay on theme with each blog I write and provide visuals for enticing the audience to read my blogs.

Currently, I am having some trouble trying to clean up my website’s navigation and creating a simple home page. I plan to put all new blogs and process posts on the home page for easier accessibility. I also plan to put blogs posts as the main form of content. For now, I will just continue creating my set-up and the website’s design.

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