PP3: Mapping Little Horrors

A mind map created by Little Horrors

After creating a visual web for visualizing where the components of my website would be placed, I was finally able to create a layout that I liked. I decided that I would create the main categories “About Me”, “Process Posts”, “Mini Assignments”, and “Blogs”. My PUB101 content will live under the categories “Process Posts” and “Mini Assignments”. I decided that I would make a category for every separate PUB101 related assignment because I did not want my blog pages to look overcrowded and loaded to read.

I organized the website in a way that was easy for any viewers to view the content simpler and easier. I also decided to put my blogs at the top of the home page for viewers to see first due to my horror theme for the website. This would help captivate viewers to read my new blogs posts.

From my visual map, I decided that I would also keep each category in a horror tone and theme. For example, all process posts, mini assignments, and blogs will be written and to something horror-related to keep a continuum of the horror theme.

As for social media platforms, I decided to create a Twitter account, Instagram account, and YouTube account for Little Horrors. These accounts will help me share my content easier with viewers. Twitter will allow me to share opinionated blogs to a wider audience. Instagram help me tag and research artists and You that create art in the horror or gothic genres. A YouTube account will help me to share content from YouTubers that create horror related content.

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